When Will The Redskins Fire Jay Gruden?

  • October 4, 2019 at 2:26 am #6085

    The Washington Redskins have started 0-4 for the first time since 2001. A lot of the blame has been on the Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden, who is in the 6th and final year of his deal. Gruden has failed to get the players to execute both on offense and defense. The Redskins also have had far too many penalties with 39 penalties for 259 yards. That falls on the coaches for not being disciplined enough with the players.
    Sources close to the Redskins have reported that Jay Gruden was on the hot seat before the season even started. The Redskins performance in the first few weeks has not helped his cause. Jay Gruden has made many questionable decisions this season but none more than putting Dwayne Haskins in against the Giants without his favorite wide receiver in Terry Mclaurin and having three starting offensive lineman out. Gruden’s biggest mistake was not putting Haskins in, it was putting him in without him getting any first-team reps. You can’t put a rookie quarterback in without giving him any first-team reps.
    The Redskins are currently week to week on Jay Gruden’s status. The feeling is he will get fired after they play New England this week. They don’t want to fire him before then because they don’t want to put an interim Head Coach in a position to go against the Patriots as his first game. They will likely fire him on Monday if the Redskins lose to the Patriots, which looks to be very likely. After the Patriots the Redskins play the Miami Dolphins, who have been even worse than the Redskins this year. If Gruden doesn’t get fired after week 5 against the Patriots, he will certainly get fired if they lose to the Dolphins. When Gruden does get fired, Bill Callahan will most likely get promoted to interim Head Coach, with Kevin O’Connell calling plays for the offense.

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