Ravens Defense Flashes in Preseason Debut

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Football is back! It’s been too long without football and I’m sure we’re glad to have it back. The Ravens kicked their 2021 NFL Preseason off on a high note, as they took down the Saints in a 17-14 win, extending their winning streak to 18 games. It was a nail-biter for Baltimore to say the least. While the defense …

Jimmy G throws 5 INTs in practice, and 1 in preseason

Jimmy G throws 5 INTs in practice, and 1 in preseason

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https://rumboyz.com/captains-corner-blog/ Rumboyz Fantasy Sports Network’s show on friday nights at 9PMEst “Rumboyz After Dark”, In this segment we discuss; Jimmy G throws 5 interceptions in a row during practice, Big Deal or No deal Bebolution Beats – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHZZ1G33aGXNjPfBciL8-hg

#32: The New York Giants, NFL In-Depth Power Rankings By Jordan Love Also Rumboyz Exclusive Daniel Jones Interview

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https://sportscastr.com/stream/2544637 – Daniel Jones Interview! NFL in-depth Power Rankings Every year we look into teams and what we believe they can do, and to the casual fan it’s simply “this team did this” and “they were this good last year” . However every year there is a team that rises from the ashes and surprises all or at least most. …