Steelers Week 1 Grade

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Football is back! The Pittsburgh Steelers took on the New York Giants on Monday Night, as it was the established veteran play-caller in Ben Roethlisberger, versus the promising 2nd-year Quarterback out of Duke, the 6th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. There were plenty of notable things that occurred in this game, and in this article, I will give you …

2020 MLB First Round Mock Draft

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The Major League Baseball Draft is upon us, with teams making selections Wednesday, June 10th, and Thursday, June 11th. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MLB draft has been shortened to 5 rounds, and there is limited film to show improvement from last year to this year. I would like to take this time to apologize to the RumFam, I …

ADP BATTLE: There Can Be Only One

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Welcome to the battle of the average draft position (ADP)! I had so many different topics to pull from, but for my very FIRST official Fantasy Football article I would like to offer some advice and reasoning for choosing between players with similar ADPs.  Let us take a look at some probable scenarios that fantasy managers will be staring down …

Big 4 OT Breakdown

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Because of certain circumstances and time restraints these breakdowns will continue and probably be much more consistent. I will now be grouping certain players together in these articles and for this specific breakdown it would feel weird to not put the “elite” level offensive-line prospects together in the same article as the debate for their rankings and projections are heavily …

NFL Offseason Scenarios: Cincinnati Bengals, New York Giants

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The offseason is approaching quickly, and these teams are more-or-less the lowest of the low. The Lions are also in here, but the Lions aren’t going to be included here. All these teams have things to look forward to, so they are in the lowest group right now, but have bright futures ahead. The Giants and Redskins have young talent, …

The Legend of Danny Dimes -Rumboyz After Dark

The Legend of Danny Dimes -Rumboyz After Dark

admin centralvideo, clips, Daniel Jones, Danny Dimes, Giants, New, Quarterback, Rumboyz, Rumboyz After Dark, The Legend of Danny Dimes, Trademark, York 1 Comment – Daniel Jones Interview Rumboyz After Dark Clips, JD asks “Do you like Danny Dimes trademark?” Daniel Jones’ agent is trying to trademark the Nickname Danny Dimes – Clock Management YT Channel

Breaking Down Daniel Jones Part 2

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We are just gonna jump straight back into what we started earlier because this is still going to be very long. Game 2 His first throw was very good, despite it coming out very fast and I almost have a sense he predetermined where he was throwing that it was a well placed ball with a good result. His second …

Breaking Down Daniel Jones Part 1

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Usually I start off each of my articles with a brief synopsis of what has been going on or what has just happened however this is different at this point if you don’t have an opinion on Daniel Jones you really just don’t watch football so lets just dive right into this. Stats Jones has had a variety of mixed …

Daniel Jones Vs Eli Manning

Daniel Jones Vs Eli Manning

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NFL Power Rankings: Worst Teams in the League Giants, Bengals, Raiders

NFL Power Rankings: Worst Teams in the League Giants, Bengals, Raiders

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Go to – Beats by Bebolution – DILLY DILLY

NFL Power Rankings by JD Botts Part 1: The Worst Teams in the League

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JD’s NFL Power Rankings Giants The Giants aren’t a good football team. They have an elite young running back In Saquon Barkley, but what else on their team is elite? Well from my vantage point, besides a few decent defensive pieces, and a decent secondary, the Giants are the most impotent team in the league. A lot of my reasoning …

#32: The New York Giants, NFL In-Depth Power Rankings By Jordan Love Also Rumboyz Exclusive Daniel Jones Interview

jdbottrc 2019 NFL Predictions, 2020, Breakdown, Captains-Corner, Daniel Jones, Giants, Jordan Love, NFL 2019 predictions, nfl draft grades, nfl draft reactions, nfl predictions Leave a Comment – Daniel Jones Interview! NFL in-depth Power Rankings Every year we look into teams and what we believe they can do, and to the casual fan it’s simply “this team did this” and “they were this good last year” . However every year there is a team that rises from the ashes and surprises all or at least most. …

ODELL BECKHAM Traded!! To the BROWNS??!!

ODELL BECKHAM Traded!! To the BROWNS??!!

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SpotLight Sports Talk Podcast |NFL Week 8 Picks!

SpotLight Sports Talk Podcast |NFL Week 8 Picks!

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The Spotlight Sports Talk Podcast Was Not Able To Do Our Week 7 Picks Due To The Conflict Of Scheduling But We Was Able To Still Do Our Picks Commmuniacting With Each Other And Decided To Do A Quick Recap Of NFL Week 7 And What Transpire In That Week Of NFL Games .. SO We Decided To Do NFL …