Is USA Basketball Dominance over?

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The NBA has been a global sport for a few decades now, but the USA always had a giant edge over every other country. Many pointed to the reason being coaching, the fact that Basketball grew up in America, others said we had the best athletes in the world. In Basketball, this dominance over the sport may be coming to …

#LUKAVSLEBRON Who was better at 19? Lebron James or Luka Dončić? #LebronJames #LukaDoncic

#LUKAVSLEBRON Who was better at 19? Lebron James or Luka Dončić? #LebronJames #LukaDoncic

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Josh dives into the active question surrounding NBA Twitter circles on who had a bigger impact for their teams at 19? Luka Dončić? Or Lebron James? We also ask other questions about Luka’s future that you won’t want to miss! Don’t forget to Subcribe and checkout our friends at RUMBOYZ Fantasy Network and if you liked this video! Checkout …