BIG3 Playoff Preview

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BIG3 playoff power rankings The Triplets, they have 3 really good players in Joe Johnson, the best player in the league, the probable MVP and the highest scorer in the league. They have Al Jefferson, one of the top big guys in the game, and Jamario Moon. They also have Janerro Pargo, a solid all around player and bench guys …

#BIG3 Basketball League! You should be watching!

#BIG3 Basketball League! You should be watching!

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Fair use content is what I’m covering today I do not own this league, this league is owned by Ice Cube and everyone else in the BIG 3 Ownership Group. Remember to Like and Subscribe Also! Checkout Who provides the music for The Fanatic Sports channel Follow us on Twitter @Jcheerio92 Also checkout our friends that always follow …