The Buffalo Sabres Dire Situation

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This season the Buffalo Sabres are in a mess with management falling out. They also have star players not playing up to par, while going bottom last. In 2011 Pegula Sports Entertainment brought the Buffalo Sabres $189 million, with no stable culture. They haven’t made the playoffs since, went through 7 head coaches, and 4 GM changes. They hired Ralph Krueger, a stubborn coach on the ice. The Sabres are a lackluster, no effort or heart team that plays games without motivation. Their offense is what struggles although they might be one of the best power play teams, 5v5 is an entirely different story. Sam Reinhart is the only player that is scoring goals for them. Victor Olofsson is a good winger with a capable shot that is only effective on the powerplay, where most of his goals come from. The Sabres need to cycle pucks, generate chances, and pressure more.

The trade deadline ends on April 12, and from now to then Kevyn Adams as general manager has an interesting situation on his hands. The center of attention is superstar Jack Eichel. He became more agitated as to how things are playing out. This isn’t the first time he’s complained, as he was vocal last summer as well. He’s currently dealing with an upper-body injury that will set him off time for the “foreseeable” future. It’s hard to trade away your franchise center who is locked up for 8 years and $80 million. Truth be told Eichel has given up on the whole organization. His goals took a drastic dip, which shouldn’t happen for someone of his caliber of play.

He is doing this intentionally, the man who had enough wants to win here in Buffalo, but hasn’t done that. Not trying reinforces the sign he doesn’t want to be there and is trying to force an exit right now. Currently 24 years old and at the prime stage of his career entering 6th season, it feels he can’t just waste talent. At least the Oilers made the second round around Connor McDavid. The no-move trade doesn’t come into effect until 2022-2023. In terms of the offer for prospect+ picks+ roster, players are included a team is going to overpay acquiring a top-5 center.

Taylor Hall was supposed to be the “guy” brought in from free agency who turned into a massive disappointment. Although there are mutual interest in resigning, how the events unfolded, they’re likely trading him getting more assets back in return. Jeff Skinner costs $9 million, is buried for the 4th line role, and at one point was healthy scratched. Expecting someone to be productive playing those minutes is absurd. What’s worse is he’s being made a defensive player, that’s not Skinner’s game. The contract makes it a worse long-term deal with the attached NMT clause. Ralph Krueger did a terrible job at pairing the players together in forming the lines. If teams need leadership or center depth, Eric Staal could fetch solid pieces. Reinhart puts up the goals and points and is too valuable to be traded away. Reports said Sabres are “open for business” meaning they’ll be sellers at the deadline, listening to offers.

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