Brandon Staley Chargers New Head Coach

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Brandon Staley, new Chargers coach.

The Chargers didn’t have to look far at all to find their next head coach. Brandon Staley, former Rams defensive coordinator, already shared the stadium with his new team in LA this past season. I’m kind of skeptical of the hire, I like it, but I just want to see more experience from him as he was only a coordinator for a year. A question that begs to be asked is does Brandon Staley bring anybody from the Rams with him as well? It’s gonna be interesting to see how this year turns out with Staley as coach. The main reason I like Brandon Staley is because he was the Rams defensive coordinator, and the rams had the best defense in the league last year.

Brandon Staley was the Rams defensive coordinator for the 2020 season in which the rams defense was ranked number one. Before Staley became the Rams coordinator he spent 3 seasons as outside linebackers coach for the Chicago bears, and the Denver Broncos. Now you might be thinking how does this help Justin Herbert? Brandon Staley was actually a quarterback at Dayton so he understands how to run an offense.  I think Staley is a good choice, I just want to see more from him now in the HC role, it’s going to be interesting to see how the Chargers do next season.

Shawn Mierczynski