Bears Drop to 5-5 After Loss to Vikings

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Bears 13 Vikings 19

By: Smokin Jay of BearsBrewsAndDaBros Podcast

The Bears are going into their bye week with four straight losses and now are a 5-5 team that does not look playoff bound. I feel like the same thing is being said week in and week out when it comes to this team.

The defense is top notch, the offense is pathetic, but one thing is becoming more clear, no matter what QB is under center he won’t have a chance behind that offensive line. There has to be a way for a supposed offensive guru in Matt Nagy to figure things out. He still hasn’t though, and Nagy and Pace are pretty much gone after this year in my opinion.

The Vikings won this game, but in reality this is a new low for the Bears. The defense allowed just 19 points and the offense was only able to score 6. A punt return TD from Patterson helped to pad the overall Bears score total.

There were no deep shots in the game and new play caller Bill Lazor pretty much ran the same plays Nagy did. Nothing looked good at all on offense.

The Bears are not a playoff team, Nick Foles avoided a major injury and could still be the starting QB after the BYE week, or they might just go back to Mitch and give that a try again. All I know is that regardless of who is playing QB the Bears have major issues on offense and changes need to come from management.

It’s going to be interesting to see who the Bears start and how they look on Sunday night football when they play the Packers. Another loss against Green Bay would put Nagy and Pace in firing range. Missing the playoffs with this defense and not being able to have an average offense is inexcusable. The Bears are second worst in scoring in the NFL, only the Jets are worse SMH.

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