Frustrating Chargers Loss

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Chargers Frustrating Loss

1st Quarter

On the Broncos first possession, they went 3 & out and Justin Herbert threw an interception that led to Brandon McManus making a 35-yard field goal to put the Broncos up 3-0. In the first quarter, the Broncos had 19 plays and no first downs. The Chargers had four first downs including a 22 yard run by Joshua Kelley and a 19-yard reception by Mike Williams. The Chargers entered the second quarter down 3-0.

2nd Quarter

To start the second quarter the Chargers went for it on 4th and 1 and didn’t get it. Denver got the ball back and had to punt. Later in the quarter, thanks to a 34-yard pass to Justin Jackson, Justin Herbert connected with Keenan Allen for a 9-yard touchdown to make the score 7-3. The Chargers forced another 3 & out leading to Herbert throwing a touchdown pass to Gabe Nabers to put them up 14-3 going into Halftime.

3rd Quarter

To start the 3rd quarter the Chargers had a 10 play drive that ended with Justin Herbert throwing a 24-yard touchdown pass to Mike Williams, who made the one-handed grab to make the score 21-3. Later in the quarter Michael Badgley made a 55-yard field goal to put the score at 24-3. Broncos quarterback Drew lock threw an interception that was returned 23 yards to the 24-yard line. Three plays after that Herbert threw an interception to Bryce Callahan.

4th Quarter

To start the 4th quarter the Broncos had an 80-yard drive that ended with Drew Lock throwing a touchdown to Albert Okwugenbaum to make the score 24-10. Now here is where it gets wild. The Chargers answered with a 47-yard field goal to make the score 27-10.

Then Denver returned with another touchdown to make the score 27-17, inching ever closer. The Broncos defense would continue to bend but not break in the 4th quarter. The Chargers added another field goal to make the score 30-17. With one second left the Broncos scored a touchdown to tie the game and with no time left made the extra point to win 31-30.


-Shawn Mierczynski

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