Bears Lose to the Saints, Back to Back L’s

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Bears 23 / Saints 26

by: Smokin Jay of BearsBrewsAndDaBros Podcast

Bears fall short to the Saints at home and go to 5-3 on the year. The Bears offense is going to be in question once again after this loss. Mainly Nagy will be attacked about his play-calling and with good reason. There is no rhythm, there are no proper adjustments made at halftime, we always see the opponents come out stronger in the second half and that’s what happened again in this game. But let’s give credit where credit is due. The Saints did just enough to win this game. Sean Payton just outclassed Nagy and it wasn’t even close. In a way, I’m glad this happened. Bears need a reality check. Last week after the loss to the Rams Nagy downplayed everything. All the questions were thrown his way were diverted with him saying their record was still 5-2, now with back to back losses Nagy will have to face questions about the offense and the possibility of handing off the play-calling duties to another coach.

The biggest problem moving forward is the offensive line. It doesn’t matter who the QB is if there is not enough time to throw the ball it’s not going to matter. I would like to see more 12 personnel, shorter routes ran as well, there’s not enough time to run deep routes. Monty did look good and they need to feature him more and more. The tight ends looked bad, but Mooney, Robinson, and Miller are looking good and can be a nice core if given time to get open.

Bears need a game manager but at the very least we need to score 25 or more points per game. I’m not sure we have a QB that can do that on this squad. Pace screwed us and I’m not sure if we can ever bounce back from that, not anytime soon at least. And what the hell was that Trubisky play about?! Made no sense whatsoever, a run option he kept for 2 yards smh!!!

Up next the Bears play the Titans on the road. A game that should see King Henry impose his will on this poor run defense, that’s the only part of the defense that is below average. Can the bears hang with this team? Initially, I say no, but at the same time Nagy needs to get creative, he needs to look in the mirror, he needs to give up the play-calling duties.

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