Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Chicago Bears Live Stream Reaction. Play by Play coverage.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Chicago Bears Live Stream Reaction. Play by Play coverage.

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    TD real questions.

    1) You say that Tua may only look as good as he is bc his oline, wrs, coaches, and def. But if thats the case why did he take over for Jalen Hurts and why didnt his back up look half as good?

    2) you said our coaches know what he looks like and if they believe he's not ready he shouldn't take the field, however they have Noah out there as the youngest player getting cooked constantly and losing us games. He is promising but he is NOT NEARLY good enough to be gaurding WR1s yet.

    Keep in mind also that Flo was exstatic about that Noah pick and emotionless with Tua. My guess is he was forced to take Tua and is pulling a Gase move by benching him. Im may be wrong buts its my guess.

    I think we keep jumping to conclusions, our staffs words are not sufficient enough clearly. I think before we throw any "ifs" out there we should watch atleast 2 or 3 games of Tua. You cant defend Noah and say its ok bc he a rookie then say our 1-3 coaching staff knows best. They have as much to prove as Tua.

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    brian hartline was so underrated. I dont know about you but i loved zack thomas and jayson taylor. I dont care if its defense or offence i love good players period. There was a point in time when our defence was incredible, we couldnt score but no one could score on us. Wed loose games 12-9. but those were the last times we made playoffs, and started season 3-0 or 4-0

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    bro you and I know football more than troy aikman. We both knew that wasnt an illegal hit and we knew that was a fumble. troy aikman thinks that the guy needs to take 100 steps before its a catch and even then they cant over turn it because the ref called it incomplete. I lost so much respect for his footbal knowledge it doesnt get more obvious than that.

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    your 100 percent right bro, theres no such thing as forfitting. The implications are just way too powerful. It goes way beyondpunishing tenesee, youd be punishing the patriots and other teams competing with buffalo for a bye or a wild card spot, not to mention all those fantasy leagues, not to mention that the nfl and the bills have obligations to the channels they sold the rights to air there games. they cant just say to there advertisers and networks sorry theres no game today. People dont think deeply when they talk sometimes. they just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind

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