Monday Night Football DFS NFL Picks | Patriots-Chiefs, Falcons-Packers

Monday Night Football DFS NFL Picks | Patriots-Chiefs, Falcons-Packers

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Adam Levitan, Mike Leone and Drew Dinkmeyer discuss every viable play and update last minute weather and injury news before kickoff for the 2020 NFL Week 4 Monday Night Football slate. They will discuss all the potential DFS plays on the FanDuel and DraftKings slates ahead on the showdown between the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Green Bay Packers and the Atlanta Falcons

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* 11am ET: ETR’s Waiver Wire Analysis
* 3pm ET: Adam Levitan “The Solo Pod”
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* 10am ET: ETR’s Defense vs. Position rankings
* Noon ET: ETR’s Rest of Season rankings
* 10pm ET: Pat Thorman’s Rankings
* 11pm ET: Adam Levitan’s DFS Ownership Projections First Run
* 11pm ET: Fantasy Point Projections for Every Player

* 2pm ET: ETR Showdown Package for TNF
* 5pm ET: Adam Levitan’s Cheap WR Volume
* 6pm ET: Evan Silva’s Matchups Column
* 6pm ET: Brandon Thorn’s OL/DL Mismatches

* 1pm ET: Audio Reading of Silva’s Full Matchups Column
* 7pm ET: Drew Dinkmeyer’s GPP Breakdown
* 9pm ET: Establish The Show — a game-by-game breakdown through the main slate.
* 11pm ET: ETR’s DFS Top Plays

* 11am ET: Adam Levitan’s Player Props I Bet.
* 10am ET: Drew Dinkmeyer and Mike Leone Establish The Million DFS GPP Show

* 1145am ET: Evan Silva and Adam Levitan Last-Minute Live Stream
* Noon ET: Final Run of Player Projections, Ownership Projections and Top Plays
* 3pm ET: ETR Showdown Package SNF

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