2020 Fantasy Football Mock Draft (Half-PPR) – 10 Team- Pick 3

2020 Fantasy Football Mock Draft (Half-PPR) – 10 Team- Pick 3

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2020 Fantasy Football Mock Draft (Half-PPR) – 10 Team- Pick 3

In this video I do a mock draft for the 2020 fantasy football season. I have the 3rd pick in a 10 team Half-PPR mock draft and I explain why I select each player as well as my overall thoughts of the draft as it is happening. If you enjoy this mock draft and want more fantasy football content please click that subscribe button!!!

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    Sup Notorious! I just finished my draft – how would you grade this team? I went with your strategy of going heavy with those RB’s.

    Sleeper 12 man half-PPR:

    QB: Josh Allen

    RB1: Saquon

    RB2: Lev Bell

    WR1: DJ Moore

    WR2: Juju

    TE: Jared Cook

    Flex: Chris Carson

    K: Greg Zuerlein

    DST: Patriots

    Bench: TY Hilton, Terry Mclaurin, Jordan Howard, Tyler Higbee, Anthony Miller, AJ Dillon

    Note: there’s no TE premium, but I got Cook and Higbee extremely late. I figured why not take both and just roll with the hot hand. I also got Anthony Miller as my final pick which I thought was bananas.

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    Sorry for the draft cutting off at the end, editing problem on my end. Roster finished like this.
    QB – Josh Allen
    RB – Ezekiel Elliott
    RB- Leonard Fournette
    WR – Kenny Golladay
    WR – Robert Woods
    TE – Hayden Hurst
    FLEX – Jonathan Taylor
    D/ST – Chargers
    K- Butker
    Bench – Metcalf
    Bench – Ronald Jones
    Bench – Hollywood Brown
    Bench – James Whiote
    Bench – CeeDee Lamb
    Bench – Antonio Gibson

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