Fantasy Football BUSTS to AVOID 2020

Fantasy Football BUSTS to AVOID 2020

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Fantasy Football BUSTS to AVOID 2020
Players to Avoid in Fantasy Football 2020
BUSTS to AVOID for Fantasy Football 2020

Fantasy Football 2020 BUSTS to AVOID

Mitch of TheBottomLineView gives you his top fantasy football BUSTS to AVOID 2020. Players that he has well below their ADP right now and why they are risky to select in fantasy football.

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    Drew Brees – I somewhat agree? He'll always put up numbers and be consistent but I'd take josh allen, matthew statford, brady, and maybe even matt ryan over him

    Aaron Rodgers – agreed, I'd only want him as a backup that i can start on cherry picked weeks

    Carson Wentz – same as Rodgers

    Derrick Henry – Agreed, I've been avoiding him in every mock draft

    Leonard Fournette – Somewhat Agreed, although i still think he can be a steady rb2, not a reliable rb1 though

    Devin Singletary – Given that I've seen 2 drafts where he leaves as an rb1, i agree, although i don't think he'll be that bad

    Juju – Agreed, drafted too high, draft cooper and beckham over him boys

    Cooper Kupp – He'll still get opportunities to be a wr2/strong flex imo, not exactly a wr1 or anything though, overrated irl and in fantasy tbh

    Courtland Sutton – Absolutely agree, think he has a major down year

    Travis Kelce – Agreed, could see Kittle or even Mark Andrews outproducing him, goes too high for my liking

    Hunter Henry – Agreed, chargers offense im avoiding as a whole unless its Ekeler

    Jared Cook – wouldn't want as my TE1, great backup though

    Raheem Mostert, Todd Gurley, Adam Thielen, and Keenan Allen i would've added to that list, not sold on those guys for different reasons

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    Kittle is the best tight end in the nfl. But Kelce is the best receiving tight end and best fantasy tight end. I think Edwards-Helaire is a second round pick and Hill is only an 800 yard receiver. Helaire and Kelce will be good fantasy players.

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    Eagles WR’s- Reagor, DeSean Jax, Quez Watkins, Greg Ward, Arcega-Whiteside, John Hightower. Not the biggest names, but these young guys have so much potential. So much explosion, and our O-line did get worse, but I know Jason Peters can do well at the guard position because of his experience in the league if he stays healthy. Andre Dillard’s weakness was his size in 2019, but now he bulked up 20 pounds and he’s ready. Getting Wentz can be a legitimate steal if everything works out.

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    Mitch on point. But I think that Brees and Kupp will have great years and not be busts because their ADP is just very late. You can call Brees "QB 7" but I get him around the 10th round a lot, which is late af. And you can like Woods more than Kupp, but both should have great years, the Rams pass more than any other team and Cooks is gone now. It will be hard to Kupp to bust as a 4th-5th round WR in PPR lmao. Cheers guys! Good luck this year!

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