Fantasy Football 2020 – GUEST: JJ Zachariason – RosterWatch Podcast Ep 270

Fantasy Football 2020 – GUEST: JJ Zachariason – RosterWatch Podcast Ep 270

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Fantasy Football 2020: Alex Dunlap is joined by JJ Zachariason (@LateRoundQB) of NumberFire and FanDuel.

02:24 – Players to target at their ADP
02:30 – 2nd year WRs
02:55 – Late round RBs
04:55 – Is Ke’Shawn Vaughn worth a draft pick?
07:40 – Jimmy Garoppolo has a friendly beginning schedule
09:45 – Defenses to be targeted by streamers
11:45 – Potential breakout players
13:00 – Breakout RB descriptions
15:50 – Preston Williams could be a good pick this year
17:00 – James Conner tier
20:20 – JJ is high on Diontae Johnson

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