February 23rd Bracketology Seedings

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Updated on February 23rd, 4:27 PM.

Seeding (read like a book for 1-68 rankings, see bottom for matchup instructions)

1 seeds: Baylor, Kansas, Dayton, Villanova 

2 seeds: Louisville, Maryland, Florida State, Seton Hall

3 seeds: Creighton, Gonzaga, San Diego St, Duke, 

4 seeds: Auburn, Penn St, Oregon, Iowa, 

5 seeds: Butler, Kentucky, Colorado, Marquette, 

6 seeds: West Virginia, Arizona, Ohio St, Michigan

7 seeds: BYU, Michigan St, LSU, Arizona St, 

8 seeds: Wisconsin, Texas Tech, Houston, Xavier, 

9 seeds: Indiana, Florida, Saint Marys, Virginia, 

10 seeds: USC, Oklahoma, Utah St, Rutgers

11 seeds: ETSU, Arkansas, NC State, Wichita St

12 seeds: Richmond, Stanford, Northern Iowa, Akron/Yale

13 seeds: Vermont, Little Rock, Stephen F Austin, Liberty/Hofstra

14 seeds: Akron, New Mexico St, North Texas, Radford

15 seeds: Montana, UC Irvine, Colgate, St. Francis, 

16 seeds: Belmont, Wright St., South Dakota./Siena, Prairie View/Norfolk St.


I am hoping to have these seedings on a bracket next time, but for this time, here is how you find the first-round matchups:

Look at the seeds above, and find the seed that your team (the team you are wanting to know the matchup of)

1 seeds play 16 seeds

2 seeds play 15 seeds

3 seeds play 14 seeds

4 seeds play 13 seeds

5 seeds play 12 seeds

6 seeds play 11 seeds

7 seeds play 10 seeds

8 seeds play 9 seeds

If that team is the first team listed, they play the 4th team listed in the seeding matchup. 2nd plays 3rd.

For Example, Louisville is the 1st team listed as the 2nd seed. They play the 4th team in the 15th seed (St. Francis)

For complaints about the bracketology, DM me on twitter @RumboyzEricTS. I am genuinely looking forward to the hate I will surely receive for this.

-Eazy E

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