Super Bowl Betting Season

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For those with gambling addiction in their family or who have personally been through gambling addiction please avoid this article when the family member with gambling addiction is present or permanently avoid this article if you yourself have dealt with the issue. This article includes direct mention of betting lines and bets that can be made. For casual gamblers please limit the spending, and do not feel pressured to make more bets then you can afford or spend too much on one betting ticket. Gambling is meant to be fun and casual not an attempted career choice. The next paragraph contains gambling related content so leave the article now if you want to avoid triggers or fear overspending. Please make sure you are in a state that allows legal sports betting before making any bets. If you do live in a legal betting state avoid making any bets unless you are at a licensed sports book for your safety and confidence you will be able to pick up your winnings.

Point Spread

Since the team you root for is likely not in Super Bowl 54 it may be worth your time to make a few bets if sports betting is legal in your state. Betting options can range from over/under point total or betting the point spread like every other game.. The point spread at Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack & Resort in New Cumberland West Virginia is Kansas City -1 for the whole game and pick em for the half so this game is for grabs for the players and betters alike. 

The over/under for the game is 54.5 total points so if you find yourself leaning towards Kansas City then the over would be a solid choice since this would likely lead to a game where San Francisco is taken out of their zone run offense early speeding the game up. 

If you are leaning towards San Francisco the under 54.5 total points would be a solid choice with the defensive line controlling Patrick Mahomes enough to allow Kyle Shanahan to run a very balanced offense and beat the Kansas City defense up to a lower scoring, but physical beat down. 

Prop Bets

The prop bet picks listed as follows are not picked with great confidence since the very reason they exist is to try and win low probability bets with big payouts. These bets are not ones that one can really track tendencies for since the Superbowl rarely ends in a rematch with the exact same roster’s re-matching from the previous year. The more common ones will be covered in this article since the length of the National Anthem, Halftime show Length, singing time between performers, and potential features are not at all football related. 

Betting one team to win the coin toss, then doubling up by taking the loser of the coin toss to score on the first drive would be a good risk to take. This is a solid bet cause one would assume the winner of the coin toss would defer to the second half. If one wants to take the under 54.5 for the game then a field goal for the first points scored would be a potential run of bets to make for a low buy in and large payout. 

If the over 54.5 total points is what you like then picking a touchdown as the first points would be a solid bet to make. The first player to score would likely be an offensive player so picking Travis Kelce or Tyreek Hill to score the first touchdown would be logical if Kansas City is your pick to get on the board first. For San Francisco one of the three stud running backs is likely to punch it in so for those picking San Francisco to score first Tevin Coleman would be a solid option since he is the listed starter with an extra recover from his injury. 

The first team to score in the second half prop bet is a tough one to make any reasonable prediction for cause winner of the coin toss, potential injuries, the flow of the game, a big return, or dropped kickoff leading to a turnover can happen.The least amount of confidence is in this bet, but going a special teams return touchdown for Kansas City would be a small buy in for large pay out. 

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