Sorry Hardcore Fans Conor Mcgregor’s Star Still Shines Brightest

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Coming off UFC 245 where Dana White had the Women’s Bantamweight, Men’s Featherweight, and Men’s Middleweight Titles all defended on the same card UFC 246 is looking more like a Fight Night in comparison. Could this be due to the fact that Dana White is waiting for the NFL season to end to avoid a great fight card being wasted during a busy sports month? Could this be due to the Fact that 3 Titles are on the waiting list since they were so recently defended? 

As competitive a guy Dana White is i doubt either of reasons proposed above would even enter his mind. Dana White appears to have put total trust in Conor Mcgregor to build his fight vs Donald Cerrone at the press conference scheduled 8:00 PM eastern time to carry the card to high pay-per-view sales. If google trends during and immediately after tonight’s press conference are higher than the lead up to UFC 245 Dana White will be able to sleep well knowing Conor Mcgregor can carry this fight card. The UFC does not share the pay-per-view numbers to the public often, but if UFC 246 outsells UFC 245 the hardcore UFC fans will have to come to the realization that Conor Mcgregor has regained the negotiating power he had during his fights with Nate Diaz.

The way we will be able to tell how well UFC 246 sold is to see how quickly Dana White books Conor Mcgregor’s next fight against the fighter he calls out assuming he wins against Cowboy Cerrone. Even if Conor Mcgregor loses to Donald Cerrone at UFC 246 his next fight will be a super fight if Dana White can get Nate Diaz to the table.

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