College Football Bowl Game predictions

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Bowl season, the best time for college football fans around the nation. This year, to my standards, there are around 22 major bowl games. So, let’s get into it, and predict the games. I will also predict the CFP National Championship, based on my semifinal predictions. 


Saturday, December 21

Boise State vs Washington, 7:30 PM ET– Georgia transfer Jacob Eason attempted to lead the Huskies to another New Year’s Six bowl game but failed. And, we can’t really cut any slack to Washington, as they only played 3 top 25 games. Boise State comes in with a solid 12-1 record, and have bounced around the rankings all year. Currently, the Broncos are number 19, and that is their final ranking. I’m picking against the so-called “favorite”, and I’m picking the Boise State Broncos. 


Tuesday, December 24

BYU vs Hawai’i, 8 PM ET– Honestly, the biggest headline out of this game, is being able to watch Hawai’i at a normal time. I picked this game to predict because it’s evenly matched. Both of these teams come into the game, with 5 losses. BYU’s Zach Wilson has made a name for himself, with 2,108 yards. Hawaii’s Cole McDonald has a huge pick problem with 14. I’ll take BYU in a win here. 


Friday, December 27

Michigan State vs Wake Forest, 3:20 PM ET– Michigan State is going to whoop. You can talk about 6-6 but look at the conference. Michigan State has played 3 out of conference games, and one was against a good Herm Edwards’ led Arizona State. This team has played so many good schools. They put up a fight against an undefeated Penn State in a monsoon of rain. I’m taking the Spartans at Yankee Stadium. 


Oklahoma State vs Texas A&M, 6:45 PM ET– This is pretty simple. Oklahoma State will win. I’ve thought all year that this was an under the radar team. Just, at the wrong year. Baylor took the surprise of the year for the Big 12, and college football. Don’t forget that this team has the second-best RB in college football (to Jonathan Taylor), Chubba Hubbard. As long as Hubbard gets a lot of carries, then the Cowboys will get a win. 


USC vs Iowa, 8 PM ET– Woo-hoo! This game will be good. While it’s no CFP semifinal, this game is going to be close. Iowa was one of the most disappointing teams this year. While they are ranked, and a 3 loss team, they could have upset Wisconsin (24-22 Badgers), and Michigan (10-3 Michigan). One could certainly argue that they could have beaten Penn State (17-12 Lions). USC suffered a huge injury early this year with starting QB JT Daniels. I’m picking Iowa in a close one. 


Saturday, December 28

Memphis vs Penn State, 12 PM ET– For a while, Penn State was a legitimate playoff contender. November 5, Penn State had the number 4 spot. Their first loss came to PJ Fleck and the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Then, they lost to an undefeated Ohio State. Memphis, on the other hand, only has one loss, to Temple, a game they should have one. I can’t say I’m 100% confident in this pick, but I’m leaning towards a Memphis win. 


Notre Dame vs Iowa State, 12 PM ET– Personally, I had high hopes for Notre Dame in the preseason. Year in and year out, the strength of schedule has been an issue. I really think they can work out something with the ACC, as that is their conference for all other sports. Notre Dame should be a 1 loss team, but they were upset by Michigan. And, they had an acceptable loss to Georgia, and they kept it a 6 point game. Iowa State has had 5 losses, and no one is confident in them this season. I think the Cyclones will end with a loss, and Notre Dame wins.


CFP Semifinal: Oklahoma vs LSU, 4 PM ET– Sadly, Oklahoma’s season will come to an inevitable end. Jalen Hurts has had a heck of a season. But, I’m glad that LSU will continue their season. Joe Burrow has just been great. He finds players, he isn’t afraid to take risks. I know he will be the Heisman. LSU has one of the best defenses, running games, and passing game. The 13-0 Tigers will continue to 14-0 and a shot at the title. 


CFP Semifinal: Clemson vs Ohio State, 8 PM ET– Wow! One of the best games this year, by far! Clemson has been great. Trevor Lawrence hasn’t lost as a starter. Dabo Swinney is an undeniable great head coach. With that being said, Ohio State has depth. Ohio State not only has depth, but they also have stars. Wideouts Chris Olave, and KJ Hill moved chains, and scoreboards all year. Meanwhile, Justin Fields, JK Dobbins, and Chase Young have stuffed the highlight videos. I love to say, Ohio State to the National Championship!


Monday, December 30 

Florida vs Virginia, 8 PM ET– There isn’t too much to say here. While Virginia upset Virginia Tech to advance to the ACC championship, they got rolled by Clemson. Florida is favored by 14 points to win the game. I think Felipe Franks, and the Gators will get it done. 


Wednesday, January 1

Minnesota vs Auburn, 1 PM ET– Wow, this should be good, as all our New Year’s day games should be. While Auburn beat Alabama on the road, Minnesota went perfect for a while. I believe that Alabama just didn’t play well. I think Minnesota will win there, and be Outback Bowl champs. 


Michigan vs Alabama, 1 PM ET– If you were to tell me that Nick Saban’s Alabama was going to be in the Citrus Bowl against Michigan at the beginning of the season, I would have thought you were insane. But, here we are. Alabama is a two-loss team, and Michigan has 3. I think everyone is upset at Bama, and I believe Alabama is going to kill Michigan. 


Oregon vs Wisconsin, 5 PM ET– Ahhh… the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California. Wisconsin and Penn State both had the bid for the game, and the Badgers got it. Honestly, I think Wisconsin wins. They have a crazy good running game, and Oregon is not clutch. They lost to Arizona State when everything was on the line. 

Georgia vs Baylor, 8:45 PM ET– Baylor comes into this game with 2 losses, both to Oklahoma. Georgia also has 2 losses, one to LSU, and the other to South Carolina. I think Baylor will actually get an upset here. But, I wouldn’t even call it an upset at this point. 


CFP Final: Ohio State vs LSU, 8 PM ET– Talk about a game of the year. This will be the best game, possibly of the past 5-10 years. I go back and forth on this, but I think it will be Ohio State. The Buckeyes just have weapons that LSU doesn’t have. 

Sidenote: Joe Burrow transferred from Ohio State to LSU. 


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