Louisville Cardinals at Michigan Wolverines Matchup Preview, Prediction and Analysis

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The Louisville Cardinals are set to face the Michigan Wolverines this Tuesday, December 3rd. While the Cards are the 2nd (soon to be first) ranked team in the nation and the Wolverines are currently unranked, DO NOT be fooled. THE Wolverines knocked off TWO top 10 teams in North Carolina and Gonzaga. I predict the Wolverines will end up in the 7-13 range in the AP Poll that comes out tomorrow. This is going to be one hell of a matchup, and I am here to break it down from an oh-lord-I-am-supposed-to-be-a-good-sports-writer-but-I-am-a-Cardinals-fan-so-I-am-kinda-naturally-bias- perspective.


You simply can’t look at any matchup without looking at the stats. Unless you are Mickey Callaway.

Effective Possession Ratio: LOU 50th- MICH 265th

Offensive Efficiency: LOU 2nd- MICH 21st

Defensive Efficiency: LOU 82nd- MICH 69th

We are about to dive extremely deep. If you have no idea what the hell I am talking about, you are smart. If you do know what I am talking about then you are either really dumb or really smart. I am not sure which. Anyways, Louisville is more efficient on offense than Michigan is on defense by 0.314, meaning Louisville has a 31.4% advantage. Michigan is more efficient on offense than Louisville is on defense by 0.206, meaning Michigan has a 20.6% advantage. Louisville then has a 10.8% advantage in the overall game.

Both of these teams have excellent offensive efficiency, but struggle in the defensive efficiency column. That means this should be a higher scoring game, with defensive errors fairly common. Offensively, The Cardinals have been fine. 2nd in the nation in offensive efficiency. They have been ELITE. How the Louisville defense performs is the x-factor. The Cardinal’s defense has improved tremendously in the last few games. I fully expect that the Cards have been working even harder than normal to improve on defense, in prep for this game.


Michigan 85- Louisville 93 

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