Eric’s Unpopular Opinion: The Louisville Cardinals are the BEST team in the NCAA

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Welcome, I am EricTalksSports, and this is the first part of my series titled ‘Eric’s Unpopular Opinion.’ I will be presenting my cases for all my unpopular opinions. Today, we will talk about how I think the Louisville Cardinals are the best team in the NCAA. I will prove my point in two ways. On the defensive side, if you will, I will breakdown the other teams competing for this honor. On the offensive side, I will be cementing in stone that the Cards’ are the best team.

Opposition #1: Kentucky Wildcats  

The Wildcats beat Michigan State 69-62 and romped the lifeless Eastern Kentucky Colonels, but on Tuesday night, the unthinkable happened- Evansville, an unranked non-conference opponent on the road, beat #1 Kentucky. That more or less eliminates Kentucky from this, but I will dive deeper. In a day in age where offense rules over defense, Louisville ranks #5 in offensive efficiency,  while Kentucky ranks…                                                                                            looking…                                                                                                                                                                                              still looking…                                                                                                                                                                                       did I miss them?                                                                                                                                                                                      They are just casually hanging out at #151. However, in defensive efficiency, The Cards rank 111th to the Cats 20th. When you combine the two ranks, the Cards are at 58th, while the Cats stand at 85th (It actually goes to 85.5, I will give them 85th.) When you look at Effective Possession Ratio, the Cards rank 88th to the Cats 172.  When you look at PPG, The Cards stand at 22nd, while the Cats are 90 spots behind at 112th. When you look at Average Scoring Margin, the Cards are at 21, while the Cats are at 52. The Cats are 38th in Opponent PPG, while the Cards are 89th. If you still believe the Cats are better than the Cards, the Cats are 1-1 against unranked opponents, while the Cards are 4-0. The Cardinals pass test one.


Opposition #2: Michigan State Spartans

Logically, we can shut down Michigan States’ case right now using logic. Now I am going to include some stats and stuff, but I will show you the Logic



After opening night:


After Tuesday Night:

Evansville>KY>Michigan St

If Louisville Beat Kentucky, and we use the hypothetical situation that Evansville is better than Louisville:

Evansville>Louisville>Kentucky>Mich St

Now we all know Louisville is better than Evansville, which would mean the Cards are the best team to be mentioned so far. That is the logic, here are some of the stats.

In 2018, The Cards beat the Spartans by a score of 82-78. Mathematically, since the Spartans gained 1.7 PPG from 18-19 to 19-20, and the Cards gained 10.7 PPG from 18-19 to 19-20, the Cardinals then gain 9 points in addition to that 4 points from 18-19. Therefore, Louisville is better than Michigan State. However, I will include more info. In Defensive PPG, the Spartans are 80th, and the Cards are 89th. That is a very slim margin. In Offensive PPG, the Cards are 22nd, but the Spartans are 54th. The 32 spot advantage for UofL outdoes the 9 spot disadvantage, which makes UofL the better team here.

Verdict: The Cardinals pass this test, but the next team is that one team that is keeping us from that #1 spot- the Duke Blue Devils.

Here is the Main Event:

Opposition #3: Duke Blue Devils




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