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    There’s a ravens fan on sportscastr who thinks the ravens will go 12-4 and the patriots will go 11-5. I swear everyone in the league thinks their own team is gonna win the super bowl and the patriots are gonna suck next year. Our defense has improved and so has our offense. Everyone thinks that gronk made up the whole team. I swear they’ll never learn

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    I am from Moncton, NB but I am a big Patriots fan. Ever since I was a kid. My dad was a pats fan so I became one. Since the late 80's. In 2000 when they got rid of Pete Carroll and I heard Belichick might be available, I wanted them to get Belichick so bad. Lots of people didn't like it because we gave up a first round pick. I remember I ran into a guy from Boston in a club in the summer of 2001. He was telling me how Belichick might go to Brady this coming season. I couldn't believe it. Then Bledsoe gets injured and Brady took over ever since. After the first full game against the Colts even though he didn't do much, I didn't want them to turn back to Bledsoe personally. To me getting Belichick from the Jets is revenge for them tampering with Parcells during the 96 super bowl. You know Jets fans absolutely hate it even though they won't admit it.

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    If colts fans were smart they would be blaming management for not building a good offensive line around him. I wonder if the Colts will tank this year to get the #1 overall pick just to get the best QB in the next draft. I wouldn't be surprised.

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