BIG3 Playoff Preview

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BIG3 playoff power rankings

  1. The Triplets, they have 3 really good players in Joe Johnson, the best player in the league, the probable MVP and the highest scorer in the league. They have Al Jefferson, one of the top big guys in the game, and Jamario Moon. They also have Janerro Pargo, a solid all around player and bench guys Gipson and Anderson. Led by ISO Joe’s ridiculous 1on1 game and shooting ability, the Triplets will be the team to beat going into the playoffs.
  2. Power, the only team that beat the Triplets in the Big3. It was a tough match. Power is 5-3 and on a 2 game losing streak headed into the playoffs. They lost one of the better big mans in the league Chris Anderson, he is out for the year. Reigning MVP Corey Magette came back from an injury and proved he can still be an elite scorer. Cuttino Mobley and Glen Davis are guys that just know how to win. Nancy Lieberman is a great coach, but injuries plague this team.
  3. The Killer 3s, led by none other than “Stack” Aka NBA Champion and All Star Stephen Jackson who is a top 10 scorer in the BIG3. He has a well rounded supporting cast in Eddy Curry, Franklin Session, Donte Greene, Josh Powell, and CJ Watson. The Killer 3s are coached by Famous New York Knick Charles Oakley. Look for Jackson to try to finesse and shoot his way to victory and the team to stress rebounding and second chance points.
  4. The 3 Headed Monsters, this team has been a playoff contender since the inception of the BIG3 League. The reason they are lower on this list is because Mahmoud Abdul-Rouf has taken a small step back from his previous form. With that being said, Reggie Evans is the most elite rebounder and one of the best low post defenders in the league, that will help them in the playoffs. Also, Mario Chalmers former Miami Heat point guard, in his first year with the BIG3 has been a solid scorer and distributor for this team. Not to mention the former BIG3 MVP Rashard Lewis can still make a big impact on the game, but he has taken a big step back from the first season of BIG3. This team could be a dark horse to win it all if they can beat the Triplets. Lewis and Mahmoud will need to turn their games up to the next level. They enter the playoffs on a 2 game winning streak.

The Matchups:

The Triplets are playing the 3Headed Monsters. As I said, Lewis and Mahmoud will need to put together an offensive frenzy, and it’s very possible. But if I am a betting man, give me ISO Joe and the Triplets. Joe and Moon are just too talented so I see the Triplets moving forward.

The Power are facing the Killer 3s. I think Power is tired and they have run out of steam. I also believe Stephen Jackson has an attitude this year and he is looking to get it done. I am going to take Stack and the Killer 3s going to the finals. It could go either way but I like how the Killer 3s have played lately.

The Finals prediction:

I’d be pretty surprised if Joe Johnson and the Triplets don’t run the table. But hypothetically, if they do lose to the 3 Headed Monsters, I see them taking it all. Having come so close the previous 2 years, the 3 Headed Monsters have smelled glory but never could taste it. I don’t think Power repeats anymore and I don’t think The Killer 3s match up well with the Triplets or the 3 Headed Monsters. So give me the Triplets.


If they lose give me the dark horse team who has almost won twice.


Let me know what you guys think on the forums!

-JD Bottorff

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