Status Update

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In case anybody didn’t know why I haven’t been posting my articles, to keep it short this summer has been very busy and stressful. However after things have started to die down, I’m heading right back into the school year. Luckily I did just get my own personal computer and with that comes more time and effort I am able to put into things. I just wanted to post this article to do three things, which number one is done and that was to inform everyone. Number 2 is to ask what would you guys like to see, I am open to doing much of anything when it comes to writing, and lastly please be patient I will do my best to at minimum push out 4 articles a week however there maybe instances where this may not be permitted.

Lastly I just wanted to thank everybody involved with this network from the Company director in Robbie to the last person who read an article or entered a stream, thank you for creating and letting such a great and friendly environment exist and I’m happy to be back on track.

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