Raiders VS Rams Preseason Recap

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Raiders VS Rams Preseason Recap

Football is back! The Raiders played their first preseason game against the Rams in Oakland were they came out victorious 14-3. Over the years’ preseason has become a match between depth players and if we are lucky we get to see some of the starters suit up. During the first 3 weeks of the preseason, teams usually showcase their backups along with rookies to ultimately decide who to cut based on their performance. Starters also see very few minutes because no one wants to see them get injured during a game that is basically a glorified practice.

Starting with the bad, the game had a lot of penalties as both combined for 23 total and the Raiders accounted for 11 causing them 127 yards. Although this was expected during the preseason, Oakland is known for having this bad habit. They will have to clean this up heading in to the regular season as these penalties can easily kill momentum. Oakland QB Mike Glennon threw 2 picks, one being on a scoring drive deep in the Redzone. He showed at times that he can fill in the role having by decent drives but failed to finish due to turnovers. Although, Peterman had a good game Oakland still looks like they need a #2 QB. The Raiders did pressure the Rams second unit but only deliver 1 sack. One of the Raiders main concern last year is pass rush we can only hope that the combination of Arden Key, Mo Hurst and Clelin Ferrell can generate pressures and finish plays with a sack.

There are also bright moments for Oakland during this game. Starting with Key and Ferrell, both Ends looked pretty good. Key was able to get a sack and Clelin was making tackles for loss. I know that this was against 2nd string Oline but it was still nice to see the young Defensive players show up.

I can’t believe I am saying this but Nathan Peterman had a pretty good game. He had a 50+ yards rush that had the crowd pop in Oakland. He also finished that drive with a Touchdown pass to Doss. His run was probably the best highlight of the game because it was super unexpected. He did however show some elusiveness and athleticism which may be the reason why John Gruden said “he’s growing on me”.

Finally, the receiving corps looks deep. Everyone that played got some love from both QBs. JJ Nelson looked nice running those GO routes and the speedster caught 2 passes for 43 yards averaging 21.5 per reception. Ryan Grant, Ateman and Keon Hatcher also had key catches that kept drives alive. I know for sure that 3 spots are locked in, Brown, Williams and Renfrow will headline the receiving corps and it will be interesting to see if Oakland will carry 6 total receivers. In my opinion, Nelson, Grant and undrafted rookie Doss will make the cut.

This was an okay start for the Raiders. A win is always good for morale and confidence builder for the young players. The offense did enough during this game and the defense did their part by only allowing the Rams 10 first downs, 190 total yards and 3 total points. The rookies were out there in full force and I am excited to see what they can do when the starters come out to play.

-Jojie Fujikawa 8/11/2019

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