JD’s FULL NFL Power Rankings 1-32 + New memes!

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JD’s NFL Power Rankings

Found most of these memes from reddit and google, I made some too


  1. Giants

The Giants aren’t a good football team. They have an elite young running back In Saquon Barkley, but what else on their team is elite? Well from my vantage point, besides a few decent defensive pieces, and a decent secondary, the Giants are the most impotent team in the league. A lot of my reasoning for this is their QB situation. The Giants are keeping out of shape, no armed, confused looking Eli Manning at QB for sentimental reasons. They drafted Daniel Jones one or two rounds before they could have drafted him because of his relationship with Eli and Peyton Manning. Nepotism at its worst. Dave Gettleman is a disaster and I genuinely feel bad for Saquon and others who still get after it. 3-4 wins



  1. Bengals 

The Bengals have virtually nothing to look forward to this season, Andy Dalton has become the butt of a joke. Just watching his condensed games, not only does Andy have a weak arm now, but he will miss wide open receivers in stride consistently. Now for a guy from TCU, where you don’t see many Elite QB’s come from, he has had a nice career. But ultimately it looks like whatever fire that red headed rocket has left will be used as a placeholder for whoever replaces him. Bad news for the Bengals is, they don’t have that guy in waiting. So the Bengals are going to enter this season with a QB who is quickly deteriorating, and no signs of comeback as his QB rating has decreased each year for the last 4 years. I predict AJ Green gets traded, Joe Mixon has a good season because they will need Mixon if they ever to get any offense going at all. 3-4 wins


  1. Raiders

It doesn’t get much more dysfunctional than the Raiders. Got 9 yearsleft on a 100Million Dollar Contract with a TV star. Jon Gruden is an utter buffoon. I feel horrible for my friends who are Raiders fans. They had it, they had a stable coach Jack Del Rio, they have a franchise QB in Derek Carr. They had Amari Cooper for an offensive weapon, and Khalil Mack, arguable the best defensive force in the entire NFL. Then they got rid of all of it for seemingly no reason. Cooper who was still incredibly young and getting better got traded in the middle of the season to the Cowboys and then played better than any receiver in the league after the trade. Khalil Mack was wreaking havoc for the Raiders, and then last year before the first kick, they trade him to my Chicago Bears where he has the best season of his life, thank you Jon Gruden. Speaking of Jon Gruden, he replaced a winning coach, only to trade the teams best players, talk crap to the media about Derek Carr who has been NOTHING but a class act, and signs cancerous wide receiver Antonio Brown and gives him the money they didn’t want to give younger, taller, Amari Cooper. Cooper, a guy who is reaching his potential and is about to pop as an elite player, they sign a player who is most likely on the downside of his career in Brown. This level of dysfunction could easily have captured them #32, but because they have a competent QB despite what his coach says, I think they will be a little bit better than completely horrible. 4-5 wins


  1. Buccaneers


The Buccaneers have a new head coach who I think could help them win some games in Bruce Arians. Fresh off a year of retirement Arians is looking for Jameis Winston to be not only on his best behaviour in the off season and away from practice, but he’s looking for the best offensive season the young QB has in him. This season could determine whether Winston is the QB of Tampa Bay’s future, or if the young man will have to find a job elsewhere. Ndamukong Suh is a nice addition, but how much does he have left of his prime coming off of that Super Bowl run?

Who knows. Vita Vea looks to have a good sophomore season and this new “3-4/4-3” defense sounds like quite the experiment. A lot of hope from Bucs fans on forums and the local press, but I don’t see them winning more than 5 games, and that’s if they play really well. I could be wrong, I just don’t trust Winston personally and QB’s are very important to me when determining how a team will play. 4-5 wins


  1. Dolphins

Another Florida team in close to the worst part of this list. When the best player on your roster is Laramie Tunsil, best known for smoking a weed gas mask on instagram before getting drafted, you may think your team will at least have a fun season. Probably not. The Miami Dolphins may or may not suffer from dysfunction down the road, but right now, Brian Flores seems like a good hire to turn this team around. Now, they did steal Ryan “FitzMagic” FitzPatrick from the neighboring Tampa Bay Bucs, this could give them some early season victories. How much does Fitz have left. Also, what will become of Josh Rosen? His career looks to be completely up in the air. Their best receiver is Kenny Stills, who is among other things, an unreliable fantasy starter. They do seem to bother teams like the Patriots, and even my Chicago Bears lost to this team. Their best running back Kenyon Drake may or may not stay the starter but right now, there hasn’t been any rumors to believe anyone is coming for his job. The Dolphins are unpredictable but they seem to lose to average and bad teams way too often. 6-10 was their record last year, I am thinking they’d be lucky to get 5 wins.


  1. Bills

We are officially out of the bottom of the league with this team. With the Bills I enter a new tier of non horrible teams who I want to call the “Show me something” teams, and this is the worst overall out of these “Show me something teams”. Josh Allen is a guy who could just take off this year and not many of us would be that surprised. He is a guy who has such arm talent that if he gets the footwork right, and really understands the playbook, he could be scary for teams, and I could even see him upsetting teams with good defenses. They face the Patriots in that game, and the Bills always seem extra motivated to give the Patriots a good game. If Josh Allen can exploit some defenses with his ridiculous arm, I could see them winning up to 6 games this year if everything goes right. They are a team of older guys like Frank Gore, Shady McCoy, and their success will be determined by their young talents. 5-6 wins


  1. Cardinals


I would’ve had them lower, but I really like what they did in the draft. I also think their defense will be better, I think Peterson will have a decent year if the Cardinals can get any pressure on the opposing QB. Despite having a bad, maybe the worst line in the NFL, I think Kyler Murray moving around and the young offensive pieces along with David Johnson and the Legendary Larry Fitzgerald will be at least better than last year. 3-13 seems like overkill for this team, with a talent like David Johnson at running back and a potential stud QB, If they can just figure out the offensive line scheme with their new coach Kliff Kingsbury, who I don’t have a ton of faith in but I think will implement something that will be creative and could help improve if not double their wins at least temporarily. They won’t be competitive against teams with good or great defensive schemes though and I think Kyler Murray will have to respond to getting his butt kicked on an intermittent basis. Rhythm is going to be everything for this team, if they win 2-3 in the first 5 games, they may have a semi decent season maybe 6-8 wins.But truly no playoff hope, and if their schemes are figured out early and easily manipulated, this could be a disaster.

5-6 wins


  1. Lions

Detroit has been a team that hasn’t been in contention really… Ever.. Even the team had Barry Sanders, they couldn’t make it far in the playoffs. With Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson for a decade, they couldn’t get far. Whether it be the coaching, or the scheme, or the players themselves, the Lions have never been able to get anything done ever. They may win a few, they may even go to the playoffs, but it’s always been an early exit. Matt Stafford is a guy who as a Bears fan, I would have loved to have had in 2010-2012 when we had a really solid defense and he was still young. He was similar to Jay Cutler only much, much better. I had no problem when Detroit gave Stafford a figurative “bank full” of money to continue his career in Detroit. He is the only one who gives them an opportunity to be decent. But in the NFL especially, winning comes down to much more than just a good quarterback. I actually was debating heavily where to put this team because they do have a nice roster and they added my favorite young player Iowa Hawkeye Tightend TJ Hockenson. But with recent reports that Snacks Harrison and Darius Slay are holding out, I am even more hesitant than usual to trust this team to be any form of decent. If two of your better defensive players may not even play or will be disgruntled while doing so, I have a hard time believing they will even win more than 6 again this year. They beat the Green Bay Packers last year, I could see them doing that again, but I find it hard to believe they will beat the Vikings or the Bears. 5-6 wins


  1. Redskins

So this team is interesting, I really like a lot of their pieces. I love the rookie pickups in Bryce Love and Dwayne Haskins. I think Haskins could fight for the starting position at some point but they have depth and could hold off on throwing him into the fire until he’s ready. Case Keenum is a guy who will get you some victories. Keenum in his prime, he’s accurate and he stays healthy for the most part. Keenum is definitely a guy who plays best with a good offensive line and that’s something the Redskins do have led by Trent Williams. Do I think he brings this team to the playoffs? No. I think he keeps their head above water and this ends up being a last hurrah year for Adrian Peterson. People can say what they want about Dan Snyder and the Washington Redskins front office, but they try to keep their team competitive every year and they spare no expense. That’s something I respect in a franchise. 5-6 wins


  1. 49ers

We are now entering a new tier, I was going to put the New York Jets here, I was back and forth on it but my gut is telling my the 49ers belong here. There is only one reason why. I don’t trust Jimmy Garrapolo’s health, yet. This could easily change and they could rise far above this in my mid season rankings, but I want to see it first. The team has much more upside than some of the teams that are going to be above them, again, I just want to see it play out. Kyle Shanahan is supposed to be this amazing coach, many analysts and people around the league have said as much. But so far as a head coach he hasn’t proven much. The team has yet to establish consistent protection especially at the Guard spots. But as I said they do have tons of upside, they drafted Nick Bosa, who is going to tremendously impact the defense. Bosa will help guys like Dee Ford, DeForest Buckner, and aging but still impactful Richard Sherman. So I obviously expect an improved defense. Greg Kittle, is an absolute beast, and has been carrying the 49ers while Jimmy G was injured. Despite Kittle, and a decent run game, Garrapolo’s health is everything for the 49ers to me, if he is solid, they can win 10 games, but if he gets hurt again or isn’t the same guy, it could be a free fall for the 49ers. This preseason will be interesting for the 49ers. Which one of these QB’s can solidify that backup position? A position that seems pivotal to the 49ers success. 5-6 wins


  1. Jets

The Jets to me are .00001% better off right now than the 49ers. The reason I have them higher than the 49ers is I trust Sam Darnold’s health more than I trust Jimmys. Also, the Jets have Adam Gase, who hasn’t been as heavily praised as Kyle Shanahan, But has won games as a head coach in the NFL. In 2016, Gase won 10 games with the Miami Dolphins. Gase has actually impacted games tremendously in the league. Brock Osweiler played better than expected, he helped Tannehill have a good year despite a series of injuries limiting his career, and he helped Jay Cutler have the best year of his career as well. Gase is proven. Shanahan on the other hand, has been to a Super Bowl as an offensive coordinator, but as a head coach, he’s done nothing. Gase can help Sam Darnold play well, and I expect Darnold to make big strides as a QB under Gase in a relatively weak division besides the Patriots. Not to mention, Gase and Darnold have an elite running back in Le’veon Bell, still young, still much to prove. Bell got his money, maybe not as much as he’d hoped but he is well paid, and he is ready to help Darnold look very good in his sophomore season. Besides Jamal Adams, Avery Williamson, and CJ Mosley, the defense in New York is pretty bad and I don’t know if it’ll get better under Gase. I do have faith in the offense to get going though, with Bell, Darnold, Anderson, and Jamison Crowder they will move the ball consistently.I think they will be hard to figure out, but easy to score on. This will make for a bunch of shootouts, I bet Darnold will come through, and they’ll win some of those shootouts. 6-7 Wins


  1. Jaguars 

The Jags have traditionally been a bad team. But the Jags of late, have won in the playoffs and made it as far as the AFC Championship game. Last year, inconsistencies at QB and running back as well as injuries caused the Jags to struggle. Luckily this year, they have signed Nick Foles, the 2017 Super Bowl MVP. If there was ever a time for the Jags to put it together it would be right now. They have a decent offensive line, Leonard Fournette who has shown flashes of brilliance and the parts for a really good defense. The huge question to me is coaching, wide receiver ability and scheme. Obviously Nick Foles has proven to be more than adequate under the right coach. Under Chip Kelly he had 27 TD’s with only 2 interceptions, and under Doug Pederson he won a Super Bowl MVP. Nick Foles limited, yet adequate abilities will not be the problem in Jacksonville, he knows what he is, and so does the NFL. The pieces around him, like Fournette and the offensive line could be good if they can stay healthy. I don’t love the receivers, and I will be watching preseason specifically to see who stands out in this group.

I can’t give a record prediction because It’s very possible they will only win 5-6 wins but I could also see them winning 10+ games. Totally depends on the coaching staff.


  1. Panthers

I really like the Panthers roster. McCaffrey, who is becoming one of the best and most versatile running backs in the NFL, will hit his prime this year I believe and give Cam Newton plenty of space to work with. I imagine with a healthy Cam Newton they will be one of the most dangerous running games we’ve seen in a while. The Panthers have a decent offensive line and a solid overall defense. This will be the last try for head coach Rivera and one of the best tight ends of my lifetime, Greg Olsen. Luke Kuechly will need to stay healthy, and Cam will need to stay healthy, and everything needs to go their way for them make a run, but they are totally capable of it. I have them so low because I simply don’t trust Newton’s arm or health. He has streaks of offensive brilliance between throwing accurate deep passes and exposing defenses with his legs, but he also has streaks of failure. Between taking too many hits and being too banged up to deliver on occasion, and throwing under 50% completion. Cam is like a great basketball shooter, he gets hot and when he’s hot, he’s the best player in the NFL. But when he’s cold he’s a middle of the road guy and it can drag his team down too. Record Prediction 7-9

  1. Packers

The Packers actually do have a decent roster, they have an elite left tackle in Bakhtiari, they still have a solid right tackle in Bulaga to protect brittle but elite Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is 35, he’s been hurt often the last 5 years, but every time he’s on the field he has been dangerous. Devonte Adams is becoming an elite wide receiver, and the Packers young running back Aaron Jones could be good. On the other side of the ball, the Packers are relatively secure, with Kenny Clark, Adrian Amos Jr, Mike Daniels, and Jaire Alexander they have some young capable talent all over the place on defense. There is no excuse for Aaron Rodgers the last few years besides his health. Everything else besides his health has been dysfunction caused by himself and Mike McCarthy. Can Rodgers mesh with new head coach Matt Leflaur? Rodgers has already bashed his coach and said that he was being asked to “turn off things” that “few quarterbacks in the league” can do. 

The Packers might’ve scored higher on this list for having a good defense and Aaron Rodgers, but I don’t trust Rodgers health or his ability to mesh with his coach. I hope I am right, as I am a Bears fan and this could be portrayed as some sort of bias. Maybe. But I look at the fact that they lost to the Lions last year, and the fact that the Vikings and my Bears are significantly better than they are roster and coaching wise and I think that the Packers, and Rodgers specifically will have a rough year. 7-9


  1. Broncos

Denver is a stable organization with a good defense. That’s why they score so high. Yes high. They haven’t really done much as of late, and they could be much lower if it weren’t for their consistent stability, elite defensive players like Chris Harris Jr, Von Miller, Kareem Jackson, and new young defensive players like Bradley Chubb. They draft well on the defensive ball which has given them the ability to work on things on the offensive side. Now they have Joe Flacco, who is the model of an average, but veteran QB. If the Broncos can play some elite defense under new coach Vic Fangio, and a strong emphasis on the run game. Joe Flacco could help them sneak into the playoffs on a wildcard birth. This is best case scenario. Worst case scenario is Flacco becomes inconsistent, and they finish 7-9 in that tough division and that’s exactly what I think will happen, I don’t see them winning even one game against finely tuned San Diego and incredibly talented Kansas City.


  1. Titans

The Titans have a bunch of good players, they have a really good head coach, but unfortunately that’s all I think they are. Good. I think Marcus Mariota is good, not great. Dion Lewis and Derrick Henry, good not great, Cameron Wake, good, not great. The Offensive Line is good not great. It seems like the Titans will be one of the better running teams in the league and I think Mike Vrabel will put together a good defensive scheme that will similarly to the Broncos will either contend for a playoff spot, or be reduced to only 6-7 wins. I predict 8-8 for the Titans, there are so many questions. Especially on offense. I don’t know which QB Mariota or Tannehill is the better choice and will lead to more wins. I don’t even think the coaching staff truly know that, but Mariota will most likely start and the team should have a rocky season in a tough division, ultimately losing twice to the Colts.


  1. Ravens

Another team, similarly well rounded like the Titans and the Broncos and Packers. But their QB is arguably worse than all 3 of those teams, so why do I have this team higher than all of those teams?  Elite defensive players like Early Thomas III and Michael Pierce, and a great coaching staff makes this team dangerous at times. Lamar Jackson is fun and he is an impressive runner, but that will only take you so far in the NFL. You can’t win a Super Bowl without a QB who can play well in the pocket, and Jackson hasn’t shown that he can do that consistently. There isn’t much else to say about the Ravens besides their success depends heavily on Lamar Jackson. Even if Jackson doesn’t start for the Ravens, and RGIII came into play I don’t think the record would be changed. I don’t see them winning more than 8 games. I don’t think they will go to the playoffs but I think they will give the Steelers and Browns issues for the division title. The Ravens did win last year, but I don’t know if this can be repeated. Teams have had a year to watch tape on Jackson and the Ravens running schemes. Their success relies heavily on the Ravens ability to adapt and Jacksons ability to grow as a thrower vs the NFL’s ability to figure out their scheme. Usually the NFL figures you out before you figure them out. The Ravens are an interesting team though, with a good roster.


  1. Falcons

Dan Quinn has a lot to prove this year, this will be a year where they either go deep in the playoffs or Dan Quinn will not be the head coach anymore. He has the roster to do it. The Falcons have a solid, veteran quarterback who is capable of winning a Super Bowl. Freeman the running back will be about as good as he is ever going to be this year, and with this offensive line. They are solid across the board and Quinn’s defense will be the true X Factor needed to propel this team forward. Ridley and Jones will be good and score points for Ryan and the offense, Freeman will open the field up. The Defense led by this head coach is what I am looking for to make them a playoff team. They’re in a good division, and I see the Falcons and the Saints leading the way. One of these teams will win 10 games, one will win 9. I think the Falcons will win 8-9 games.


  1. Cowboys

Well this team may have been higher on my list if it weren’t the Ezekial Elliot holdout. I absolutely have no clue if he is going to play this year or if we will have a Le’veon Bell situation. Unlike The Steelers, they don’t have an obvious replacement for Elliot. They have a host of running backs, and no one is an obvious answer for Elliot if he decides to sit. Can Dak keep the Cowboys in the playoff hunt without Elliot, that’s not likely if you ask me. Obviously they have so much young talent on their defense and their offense, I can’t see them winning more than 8 games without Zeke. With Zeke they could win 10+ games. Without him, they may be in the 20s for power rankings depending on how Dak and Cooper play. The Cowboys offense is completely up in the air, but guys like Robert Quinn, Demarcus Lawrence, Byron Jones, and Vander Esch make their young defense dangerous. This, alone with their elite but aging Offensive line makes them still more of a threat than most teams in the league even if Zeke doesn’t play. They could go 8-8


  1. Seahawks

I think this is the first time I will guarantee will win 9+ games and most likely make the playoffs. I say this because of their tremendous stability at QB and middle linebacker. Russell Wilson will be looking to make that new contract look good, Bobby Wagner is one of the best middle linebackers in football. It looks to be a recipe for success. This team will be good, and will compete but how good, and who will be the primary players around the core will be the question. QB, head Coach, and middle linebacker is very important to me, despite Seattle not having a lot else so far, they are solid in those 3 departments. I see them in the playoffs at the end of the year, maybe by division, maybe by wildcard.


  1. Browns

So much talent on this roster. Maybe some of the best talent in the league, but who is their coach? What is ownership doing?

In the NFL, talent can take you far, but it rarely takes you all the way to the top if it’s not coached correctly or given a stable base to work from.

Baker Mayfield came into Cleveland and immediately gave them an identity and a purpose. The offense is now relatively exciting and was in 2018 for the first time in a while. This offseason they added Odell Beckham Jr. 

Baker, a year older, a year better, Myles Garrett, a year older, a year better. This team could be dangerous. This team could be elite, or they could be a disaster. Don’t get me wrong, no matter with that roster, they are winning at least 8 games. They have the talent to win 12-13. But this is a team, a dysfunctional franchise, who fired Greg Williams, the only guy who had a winning record as a head coach for this team in a decade. They hired Freddie Kitchens who was a reach to say the very least. A guy who hasn’t even held the position of offensive coordinator, never held a college head coaching position, and isn’t considered by most to be an offensive guru. Now, could he be successful? Sure. He has a solid QB in Baker Mayfield. Talent all over the offensive skill positions, talent all over the defense, and a chip on their shoulder. They could win the division. But will they beat out my #11 power ranked team?


  1. Steelers


Big Ben pushes Bell and Brown out the door, Ben is toxic, Ben calls bad audibles, Ben does this, Ben does that. Ben has two Super Bowl rings. Ben has won a lot of NFL football games, he knows how to win. Could the absence of Brown and Bell be addition by subtraction? Isn’t one giant ego better than 3?

I sure think so.

Juju is young and he wants to wreck the league. James Connor is young and he wants to win games and make money. These guys have their priorities in line. Brown and Bell did not.

Not only did the offensive meeting room get a lot less annoying and distracting, but Mike Tomlin’s autonomy as the leader and loudest voice on the team, a title approved and pushed by Big Ben most years, will never be in question this year. No more Facebook videos during Tomlin’s post game speech, no more legal troubles and rap albums. Just football.

This is the last chance for the Steelers to win the Super bowl. Maybe next year but this is the best chance in my eyes. If everyone buys into Tomlin’s scheme, and Big Ben’s offense, but if all goes well they do have a chance to do something special. 10 wins


  1. Saints

Alvin Kamara is going to have a huge year. I do think the Saints take a small step backwards. Not necessarily becausej I think they will be a worse overall team. But The Saints have won a lot of games the last few years and it’s hard to sustain that type of success, especially coming back as a first place team. Furthermore, Brees threw under 4000 yards for the first time in 14 years last year, he also had 74.4% completion %, which is shockingly efficient. This lack of yardage was a result of success, not lack of success. I see this as a trend. Their running game is elite and I see their defense taking a step back, but their offense taking a small step forward. Similar to the Steelers, this may be the last year Brees can win another Super Bowl. The New Orleans Legend is 40 years old, and looks to have a few good years left. But how wide open is this window of time that New u can win it all? We’ve seen New Orleans chances close shut quickly before, but I have a good feeling about this season. We know they’ve been so close the last few years.

10-11 wins


  1. Vikings


Depth defines this team. They always seem to draft well and have players pop up out of nowhere and have huge seasons. I think last year they lost a lot of really tough games and this team will be even more dangerous than last year. They will have a tough division to battle through, but they match up well against the Bears defense with an accurate QB in Kirk Cousins who can make things happen when things are going his way and his team is playing well. Dalvin Cook, if he can stay healthy could be a nice surprise. Thielen and Diggs are among the best receiving duos in the NFL, and their defense is always top 10. I also really like Irv Smith Jr. who is the backup tight end, and will help Rudolph make that position dangerous for the Vikings.

10-11 wins


  1. Eagles

One of the best defensive lines led by Fletcher Cox, one of the best offensive lines led by Peters, Johnson and Kelse. A pro bowl caliber running back in Jordan Howard, three very good receivers. Malcom Jenkins at Safety, and an elite coaching staff led by Doug Pederson.

The only question is Eagles frequently injured SuperStar Quarterback Carson Wentz.

Many believe before Wentz had a series of injuries he was becoming the best young QB in the NFL. How much have the injuries derailed his career? This year there is no more Nick Foles for the Eagles to depend on if Wentz goes down. Wentz is desperate to prove he can stay healthy and hoist the Lombardi trophy as the true starter of the Eagles. 11 wins if Wentz can stay healthy.


  1. Chargers

I don’t see much changing for the Chargers, they are a year older and probably less talented than last year slightly. Melvin Gordon is holding out for more money. All of the running backs seem to be able to find success with that offensive line, they may not need Gordon as bad as they think. But he may also be worth the money. The Chargers defense is young enough and productive enough for me to think they’ll grow. I think the more difficult schedule and the tough division they are in could prevent them from winning more than 10 games. Allen is back and healthy and is angry about his madden rankings. That could help them tremendously, I just don’t see the Chargers getting past what they were last year.


  1. Bears


Finally, my team. Khalil Mack, the best defensive player in the game. Eddie Jackson, arguably the best safety in the league. The best collection of pass rushers and linebackers. Hicks, Goldman, Floyd, Danny Trevathan, Roquan Smith, along with that elite secondary of Clinton-Dix, Fuller, Amukamora, and Jackson, the Bears May have the best defense in football. Matt Nagy has developed an elite offensive scheme and I think Tarik Cohen is going to have a big year. I think the best part of the Bears could be their offensive line. Leno, Daniels, Long, and Cody Whitehair make for an elite top 3 offensive line in the league. So why aren’t they higher on my list? Why don’t I think they will win more than 11 wins? I just haven’t been able to get confident enough in Mitchell Trubisky’s passing ability to be fully comfortable with this team. I love the hype. I love that we have elite players at almost every position and even a few backups who are starter caliber. But I see the Bears taking a tiny step back in the regular season and Trubisky doesn’t make as much progress as a lot of people think, and hopefully win a game in the playoffs. 


  1. Texans

I am predicting and expecting a huge step forward for the Texans. The Texans simply have an elite roster from top to bottom, they have stars on defense, an improving offensive line, and the best receiver in the league in Deandre Hopkins. Bill O’Brien seems to have control of this roster and they are prepared every single week to compete. They have yet to show the true dominance that the roster can produce between Watson’s potential Clowney, Joseph, Hopkins, Watt. This team I think can win 12+ games and I predict Watson has a career year, 35+ passing touchdowns 5+ rushing touchdowns and he figures out how to navigate abusing defenses with his accuracy and ability to run. Watson’s potential to me has always been off the charts and I think he will win one or more Super Bowls someday. This could be their year. 


  1. Colts


There is only one reason I have this team so high, and that reason is Andrew Luck. Whenever Luck is healthy, the Colts are just incredible. They don’t seem like they have the talent, and then Luck just makes it happen. He makes everyone better around him, even the defense seems to play better when he’s at the helm. He quietly had 39 touchdowns last year in his first full year back from those horrific injuries he had. In year 2 of being healthy, I expect an even better season 40+ touchdowns for Luck. The rest of their team is solid as well, and getting better each year on both sides of the ball, and Frank Reich is a great head coach. Eric Ebron struggled in the league before getting to Indianapolis, but Luck and Ebron have had some great success together. Hilton will have a good year. Darius Leonard and Justin Houston will have a good year, so will the offensive line, and I think Luck will carry this team to 12 wins and they will beat the Texans out for the division in the best division rivalry in the league for 2019-2020.


  1. Rams

Sean Mcvay is that dude. Jared Goff is a great QB. Wade Phillips is a great defensive coach. The Rams are so well rounded. I think they won’t take much of a step back even with the loss of Suh. Well rounded defensive, well rounded offense. Good receivers in Kupp, Woods, and Cooks, good offensive line, and an elite defensive star like Aaron Donald. My only question about the Rams is Todd Gurley. What exactly happened to Gurley in the playoffs? Does he really have knee arthritis? How serious is it and how much will it affect this offense? That is what I am looking for with the Rams. If Gurley really isn’t the same player as he has been, the Rams could take a step back. But I will wait to see how he looks week 1 before I start doubting the Rams now.


  1. Patriots 


The Champions. The team that transforms itself week to week. The ultimate adapters led by the ultimate adapter himself Tom Brady. The most thorough coaching staff with Bellicheck and McDaniels. It’s not even worth going deep into The Patriots roster but I really like Harry. Between White, Michel, and Burkhead, the Patriots will continue to be an elite running team whenever they need to be, and an elite passing team whenever they need to.

Their defense as always will be the question going forward and speculation around camp is that the Patriots have more talent than they’ve had in years, and they just won the Super Bowl…


  1. Chiefs

The best team in the NFL in my eyes. In the playoffs they barely lost to the Patriots and missed out on the Super Bowl. If they see the Patriots in the playoffs again next year I don’t know if the Patriots will be as successful. 

Patrick Mahomes is simply the best player in the NFL. He does things that no one in the NFL does and he has a head coach that is hungry, no, starving for a super bowl. I don’t see the Chiefs taking a step back at all. I think Mahomes is going to transcend the passing game, and he can abuse any defense he wants. I have full faith he will get 40+ touchdowns and the Chiefs will win 12-14 wins yet again.

Their defense is good enough and is getting better. But this league is becoming more and more of an offensive league, and when you have a guy who is just better than everyone else at the most important position in American Sports on your team, it’d be hard to say they aren’t the best team going into the league.

Until I see Mahomes weaknesses, which I have yet to see, their stock as a team is sky high.


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