JD’s NFL Fantasy QB’s Ranks 6-10

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DISCLAIMER: AARON RODGERS Could easily be taken over by any of these 6-10. Rodgers is not safe at #5

  1. Matt Ryan is too much of a solid consistent fantasy starter to not consider at 6 he’s a guy who always puts up great numbers, take him, he’s got the yards, he’s got a good O line, he’s going to get it done for you. Ryan had 4.9k 35 touchdowns last year, that seems reasonable, more or less, I don’t see him changing much this year. He may even be better.
  2. Big Ben has the team under his full control and could have one last big year. He had the most attempts last year, he also had the most yards with 5.1k and 32 touchdowns. Big Ben is going to be a solid consistent QB this year for stats. I could see him throwing for even more touchdowns with less yards.
  3. Wilson is reliable and doesn’t get hurt, can go off sometimes for big numbers on good weeks. He isn’t the best with big numbers but he’s finally got a team that fits to his play style. He’s got the receiving corps and his line is better than it has been the last few years, I hope. He had 35 touchdowns last year with only 3,400 yards that’s why he’s so low as a fantasy QB. He doesn’t put up big numbers throughout the year.
  4. Brees is such an efficient QB, he threw for 74% last year, but he also threw under 4k yards for the first time in 14 years. As a fantasy QB he is SLOWLY falling downward, but as a Super Bowl winning QB he is as dangerous as ever. He isn’t going to have gaudy numbers but I think the Saints will make the playoffs.
  5. Baker Mayfield will be interesting with his weaponry, maybe the best weaponry in the NFL, it’s kind of hard for me to believe that he won’t have big numbers and he won’t improve this year. He’s a year wiser, he has more weapons than last year. I don’t know if the Browns will win a ton and make it to the playoffs but Mayfield will have 30+ touchdowns and 4k+ yards.

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