JD’s NFL Power Rankings 26-24

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  1. Cardinals

I would’ve had them lower, but I really like what they did in the draft. I also think their defense will be better, I think Peterson will have a decent year if the Cardinals can get any pressure on the opposing QB. Despite having a bad, maybe the worst line in the NFL, I think Kyler Murray moving around and the young offensive pieces along with David Johnson and the Legendary Larry Fitzgerald will be at least better than last year. 3-13 seems like overkill for this team, with a talent like David Johnson at running back and a potential stud QB, If they can just figure out the offensive line scheme with their new coach Kliff Kingsbury, who I don’t have a ton of faith in but I think will implement something that will be creative and could help improve if not double their wins at least temporarily. They won’t be competitive against teams with good or great defensive schemes though and I think Kyler Murray will have to respond to getting his butt kicked on an intermittent basis. Rhythm is going to be everything for this team, if they win 2-3 in the first 5 games, they may have a semi decent season maybe 6-8 wins.But truly no playoff hope, and if their schemes are figured out early and easily manipulated, this could be a disaster.

5-6 wins

  1. Lions

Detroit has been a team that hasn’t been in contention really… Ever.. Even the team had Barry Sanders, they couldn’t make it far in the playoffs. With Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson for a decade, they couldn’t get far. Whether it be the coaching, or the scheme, or the players themselves, the Lions have never been able to get anything done ever. They may win a few, they may even go to the playoffs, but it’s always been an early exit. Matt Stafford is a guy who as a Bears fan, I would have loved to have had in 2010-2012 when we had a really solid defense and he was still young. He was similar to Jay Cutler only much, much better. I had no problem when Detroit gave Stafford a figurative “bank full” of money to continue his career in Detroit. He is the only one who gives them an opportunity to be decent. But in the NFL especially, winning comes down to much more than just a good quarterback. I actually was debating heavily where to put this team because they do have a nice roster and they added my favorite young player Iowa Hawkeye Tightend TJ Hockenson. But with recent reports that Snacks Harrison and Darius Slay are holding out, I am even more hesitant than usual to trust this team to be any form of decent. If two of your better defensive players may not even play or will be disgruntled while doing so, I have a hard time believing they will even win more than 6 again this year. They beat the Green Bay Packers last year, I could see them doing that again, but I find it hard to believe they will beat the Vikings or the Bears. 5-6 wins

  1. Redskins

So this team is interesting, I really like a lot of their pieces. I love the rookie pickups in Bryce Love and Dwayne Haskins. I think Haskins could fight for the starting position at some point but they have depth and could hold off on throwing him into the fire until he’s ready. Case Keenum is a guy who will get you some victories. Keenum in his prime, he’s accurate and he stays healthy for the most part. Keenum is definitely a guy who plays best with a good offensive line and that’s something the Redskins do have led by Trent Williams. Do I think he brings this team to the playoffs? No. I think he keeps their head above water and this ends up being a last hurrah year for Adrian Peterson. People can say what they want about Dan Snyder and the Washington Redskins front office, but they try to keep their team competitive every year and they spare no expense. That’s something I respect in a franchise. 5-6 wins

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