2019 NFL Record Predictions Pittsburg Steelers

2019 NFL Record Predictions Pittsburg Steelers

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This Is A New Segment For The SpotLight Sports Talk. Everyday I Will Be Uploading All NFL 32 Teams Record Predictions On What They Gonna Be In The 2019-2020 Season. Please Check Out All The Videos !! And Let me Know What Y’all Think

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    You have us losing to the rams and colts at home despite the fact hienz field is The is the second hardest place to win at behind New England. We definitely won’t lose to the Jets there offensive line sucks and and plus look how dis functional they are if anything we lose to the to the cardinals if you have to take a upset because we lose to teams we Are supposed to beat and we split those colts and rams games beat one of those teams no way we lose two and a row at home and we have a better team than the colts and mike tomlin isn’t a bad coach he just needed to get control of the locker room which he has. We still have a top roster in the afc 10-6 11-5

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    My predictions
    Week 1: vs Patriots: Loss 0-1
    Week 2: Vs Sehawks: Win 1-1
    Week 3: vs 49ers: Win 2-1
    Week 4: vs Bengals Win 3-1
    Week 5: Vs Ravens Win 4-1
    Week 6: Vs Chargers Loss 4-2
    Week 7: Bye
    Week 8: vs Dolphins: Win 5-2
    Week 9: vs Colts: 6-2
    Week 10: vs Rams: Loss 6-3
    Week 11: vs Browns :Loss 6-4
    Week 12: Vs Bengals: Win 7-4
    Week 13: Vs Browns: Win 8-4
    Week 14: vs Cardinals: Win 9-4
    Week 15: vs Bills: Win 10-4
    Week 16: vs Jets: Win 11-4
    Wee 17: vs Ravens: Loss 11-5

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    bro I'm sick and tired of people that don't know nothing about football just because a team lose two players think they're horrible the Steelers have a top 10 roster agreed upon and you saying Mike Tomlin is be fired look up the stat on who has the most wins since Mike Tomlin been in the NFL this only one coach and it is Bill belichickget your head out your ass and actually look at the facts of the whole team not two players

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    @ Patriots Win 1-0
    VS Seahawks Win 2-0
    @ 49ers L 2-1
    VS. Bengals. Win. 3-1
    VS. Ravens. L. 3-2
    @. Chargers. Win. 4-2
    VS. Dolphins. Win. 5-2
    VS. Colts. L. 5-3
    VS. Rams. L. 5-4
    @. Browns. L. 5-5
    @. Bengals. Win. 6-5
    VS. Browns. Win. 7-5
    @. Cardinals. Win. 8-5
    VS. Bills. Win. 9-5
    @. Jets. Win. 10-5
    @. Ravens. Win. 11-5

    Home 5-3
    Away. 6-2

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    I like this, but i need to suggest 2 differences. Week 9, Pittsburgh wins, because the Colts just aren't experienced enough with their young team. Andrew Luck wasn't so lucky in the playoffs last year, and I think he won't even be lucky enough for the playoffs this year. Week 16, Pittsburgh also should win, because like JT Sports NFL said, New York's offensive and defensive line sucks, and James Conner can run better than Le'veon Bell. Like I said, these are just suggestions, but these 2 games pretty much determine the Steeler's chances of making the playoffs. Thanks and have a great day!

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