Indiana Pacers vs Milwaukee Bucks Live stream play by play and reactions!

Indiana Pacers vs Milwaukee Bucks Live stream play by play and reactions!

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The Indiana Pacers travel to take on The Greek Freak and the Bucks in hopes to continue in the positive direction in the Eastern Conference playoff standings.

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    I'm sorry I didn't see the comments as they were coming in. Like I said I had no idea that we were live in any way, I thought I was just calling him at home for a chat, LOL! I want to thank all of you so much for the love. @Crazy MoFo, yes, you are my first love so what can I say? @Nick Howard, you are running a close second, lol. But being as I am your Auntie Kimmy, that might be a little incestuous, haha! @Thomas, thank you for the interest you have shown! Archaeology isn't for everybody, that's for sure, but the ones who enjoy it would really love what's going on down here in Mexico! I'm missing a bunch of people and I have to go back and look at who wrote in. For me, it is a splendid honor to have made contact with Roberto and the Rumboyz! I have loved Sports since I was a little girl, but down here in Mexico I don't have a way to watch them on television. When I accidentally stumbled across the YouTube community / family, I felt I was truly blessed and I don't miss my television at all! These guys are so great and so entertaining, I cannot say enough good things about them all!

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    Transfer few questions, @Michael Hawn wanted to know where I grew up, or at least I think it was talking to me when I say he said that. I was born in Compton and eventually raised in the Hollydale Paramount area of southern California. The real good side of the tracks, haha!

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