#PatriotsVSChiefs New England Patriots VS Kansas City Chiefs AFC Championship Preview

#PatriotsVSChiefs New England Patriots VS Kansas City Chiefs AFC Championship Preview

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Patrick Mahommes, the youngest player to throw 50 touchdowns in a season, and his dominant Kansas City Chiefs take on the GOAT, Tom Brady, and the Patriots who have been to the Super Bowl almost every year for 2 decades

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    The chiefs wins this game .

    Brady is 1-5 @arrowhead
    Patriots @kc. 3-11-1
    Patriots road playoffs record 3-4

    Kc has the best pass rush in the nfl. Kc defense plays way better at home only allow 18ppg the chiefs haven't allowed an opponent to score 30 points in 34 games the 2nd best is 16(jags) its the best homefield advantage in the nfl.

    Brady hasn't played well this year on the road 3-5
    If the Patriots win it will be because of the run game and short passes and hand-offs.
    He doesn't have a ton of weapons besides Edelman, j.white. gronk just doesn't look like the same player i remember.
    I don't think the Patriots can defend all of kc weapons just too many options to defend.

    Patriots won't be sending a ton of pass rushers at Mahomes he's been able to take advantage of that too often and make a huge play. If anything it would be something more of containing him to his left but the problem for the Patriots is they don't have the pass rushers to pull this off

    But they will keep a spy in coverage and attempt to read the pass for an early read on the play i could see some quick throws being made that have a chance to be intercepted if mahomes doesn't pick up on the spy early.

    Chiefs 35
    Patriots 28

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